*BASH User Commands Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS Server coreutils
GRUB(1)                          User Commands                         GRUB(1)

       GRUB - manual page for GRUB version 1.98-1ubuntu13

       grub-mkisofs [options] file...

       -a, -all-files
              Process all files (don't skip backup files)

       -abstract FILE
              Set Abstract filename

       -A ID, -appid ID
              Set Application ID

       -biblio FILE
              Set Bibliographic filename

       -copyright FILE
              Set Copyright filename

       -G FILE, --embedded-boot FILE
              Set embedded boot image name

              Patch a protective DOS-style label in the image

       -b FILE, -eltorito-boot FILE
              Set El Torito boot image name

       -c FILE, -eltorito-catalog FILE
              Set El Torito boot catalog name

              Patch Boot Info Table in El Torito boot image

              Dummy option for backward compatibility

              Enable floppy drive emulation for El Torito

       -C PARAMS, -cdwrite-params PARAMS
              Magic parameters from cdrecord

       -d, -omit-period
              Omit trailing periods from filenames

       -D, -disable-deep-relocation
              Disable deep directory relocation

       -f, -follow-links
              Follow symbolic links

       -help  Print option help

       --help Print option help

              Print version information and exit

       -hide GLOBFILE
              Hide ISO9660/RR file

       -hide-joliet GLOBFILE
              Hide Joliet file

       -i ADD_FILES
              No longer supported

       -J, -joliet
              Generate Joliet directory information

       -l,  -full-iso9660-filenames  Allow  full  32  character  filenames for
              iso9660 names

       -L, -allow-leading-dots
              Allow iso9660 filenames to start with '.'

       -log-file LOG_FILE
              Re-direct messages to LOG_FILE

       -m GLOBFILE, -exclude GLOBFILE
              Exclude file name

       -M FILE, -prev-session FILE Set path to previous session to merge

       -N, -omit-version-number
              Omit version number from iso9660 filename

              Inhibit splitting symlink components

              Inhibit splitting symlink fields

       -o FILE, -output FILE
              Set output file name

       -p PREP, -preparer PREP
              Set Volume preparer

              Print estimated filesystem size and exit

       -P PUB, -publisher PUB
              Set Volume publisher

       -quiet Run quietly

       -r, -rational-rock
              Generate rationalized Rock Ridge directory information

       -R, -rock
              Generate Rock Ridge directory information

              Split output into files of approx. 1GB size

       -sysid ID
              Set System ID

       -T, -translation-table
              Generate translation tables for systems  that  don't  understand
              long filenames

       -v, -verbose

       -V ID, -volid ID
              Set Volume ID

       -volset ID
              Set Volume set ID

       -volset-size #
              Set Volume set size

       -volset-seqno #
              Set Volume set sequence number

       -x FILE, -old-exclude FILE
              Exclude file name (deprecated)

              Override creation date

              Override modification date

              Override expiration date

              Override effective date

FSF                              January 2012                          GRUB(1)