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FRIBIDI(1)                       User Commands                      FRIBIDI(1)

       fribidi  - a command line interface for the fribidi library, converts a
       logical string to visual

       fribidi [OPTION]... [FILE]...

       A command line interface for the fribidi library,  Converts  a  logical
       string to visual.

       -h, --help
              Display this information and exit

       -V, --version
              Display version information and exit

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose  mode,  same  as  --basedir  --ltov  --vtol  \  --levels

       -d, --debug
              Output debug information

       -t, --test
              Test  fribidi,  same  as   --clean   --nobreak   --showinput   \

       -c, --charset CS
              Specify character set, default is UTF-8

       -C, --charsetdesc CS
              Show descriptions for character set CS and exit

              Old style: set character set to CapRTL

              Output the input string too

              Do not right justify RTL lines

              Do not break long lines

       -w, --width W
              Screen  width  for  padding, default is 80, but if \ environment
              variable COLUMNS is defined, its value \ will be  used,  --width
              overrides both of them.\

       -B, --bol BOL
              Output string BOL before the visual string

       -E, --eol EOL
              Output string EOL after the visual string

       --rtl  Force base direction to RTL

       --ltr  Force base direction to LTR

       --wrtl Set base direction to RTL if no strong character found

       --wltr Set  base  direction  to  LTR  if  no  strong  character found \

              Turn mirroring off, to do it later

              Reorder NSM sequences to follow their base character

              Remove explicit format codes in visual  string  \  output,  cur-
              rently does not affect other outputs

              Output Base Direction

       --ltov Output Logical to Visual position map

       --vtol Output Visual to Logical position map

              Output Embedding Levels

              Output  information  about  changes between \ logical and visual
              string (start, length)

              Do not output the visual string, to be used  with  \  --basedir,
              --ltov, --vtol, --levels, --changes

              All string indexes are zero based

              For each line of input, output something like this:

              [input-str` => '][BOL][[padding space]visual-str][EOL] [\n base-
              dir][\n ltov-map][\n vtol-map][\n levels][\n changes]

   Available character sets:
       * UTF-8
              : UTF-8 (Unicode)

       * CapRTL
              : CapRTL (Test)            X

              * ISO8859-6 : ISO 8859-6  (Arabic)  *  ISO8859-8  :  ISO  8859-8
              (Hebrew)  *  CP1255     :  CP1255 (Hebrew/Yiddish) * CP1256    :
              CP1256 (MS-Arabic) * ISIRI-3342: ISIRI 3342 (Persian) X: Charac-
              ter set has descriptions, use --charsetdesc to see

       Report bugs online at <http://fribidi.sourceforge.net/bugs.php>.

       interface version 2 Unicode version 3.2.0

       Copyright  (C)  2002 FriBidi Project (http://fribidi.sf.net/).  fribidi
       comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.  You may redis-
       tribute  copies  of  fribidi  under the terms of the GNU Lesser General
       Public License.  For more information  about  these  matters,  see  the
       files named COPYING.

fribidi 0.10.5                    April 2003                        FRIBIDI(1)